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SWOP-USA wants to be able to address community concerns and issues. We welcome conversations, criticisms and critiques. Feedback from the community is an important part of organizing and help keep us all accountable to the communities we advocate for. Please help us improve our organization using this form.

Community Support Line: 877-776-2004

Our physical mailing address is:

Sex Workers Outreach Project
340 S LEMON AVE #7566

To contact us by phone call: 877-776-2004 

Email Directory: (for general inquiries) (for new chapter and member inquiries) (for grievances and conflict resolution) (for press inquiries and blog, newsletter submissions) (for research inquiries)

We operate a national community support line at 877-776-2004, where current & former sex workers and activists can directly access support. We answer over 95% of calls and will respond to all calls in 24 hours. If your immediate safety is threatened and our hotline volunteers are unable to answer your call, please call:

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • National Rape Crisis Line: 1.800.656.HOPE

Trans people face higher rates of homelessness due to housing & employment discrimination, and already experience high levels of violence in shelters. Now, the Trump admin seeks to further weaken trans protections.

Rise up, fight back! #ShelterSavesLives

Hey y'all we are looking for Volunteers to help us out with the upcoming #HeauxStroll here on Chicago's Southside on June 2nd! Decided to make this a kickoff for a SWOP-Chicago Southside 💖

Donations can be made to support SWers attending Woodhull via @swopusa. Link in article below.

SWOP Joins Forces With Woodhull, Offers Sex Worker Scholarship via @XBIZ

This thread.

Only a few years older than me, Yang Song was raped at gunpoint by a police officer and when she tried to report, was threatened, harassed and finally killed. Falling four stories to her death.

Our community won’t forget. Our community will not stay silent.

ASL interpreters help make the thought-provoking conversations at #SFS19 accessible to our Deaf and hard of hearing attendees. Can you donate $55 or more to the #CommunityAccessFund to help us expand ASL interpretation at our Summit Institutes this year?

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