Sex Workers Outreach Project USA

Welcome to the new and improved SWOP-USA website! We’re going through many changes as an organization and a digital overhaul is part of that. You’ll find an entirely new resource section, our Chapter Hub site has moved here, and we’ll also be producing significantly more resource sheets in the coming months.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

Things that frustrate me:

When compiling the D17 list, I get far more results when I search for "murdered prostitute" as opposed to "sex worker"

Even in death, there's stigma.

So the shift to "AI" combined with a moral panic over social media combined with a decimated manual review team at Twitter to reinstate falsely reported or removed accounts threatens a huge amount of the creator economy.

In 2020, over 15% of adult creators lost their Twitter account. That's a huge amount of revenue stolen from the creator community —  often as result of mass reports by antis and trolls.

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We’re back! Open 8AM to 10PM Weds - Sat this week! Bookstore opens at 10AM and is stocked up with @certaindayscalendar @slingshotcollective planners, books, zines, and more. Come on by for a coffee and a new book on this rainy day. #redemmasbookstore #redemmas #bookstore #freeallpoliticalprisoners #certaindays #cafe #cafelife #workerowned #cooperative [Image ID: Malik wears a mask and holds a copy of the 2023 Certain Days Political Prisoners calendar.] ... See MoreSee Less
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Criminalization does not make us safe, police don't make us safe, restricting childhood education does not make us safe. In fact, I know the opposite to be true. Health equity creates safety, access to basic human rights creates safety, education helps create understanding and empowers us to treat ourselves and others better. What does safety mean to you? #truesafety #harmreductionislove ... See MoreSee Less
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LAND BACKLAND BACK Donate to @indigenouspeoplesmovement Link in bio - keep reading SWOPUSA is committed to decolonizing our space and the spaces we occupy. We vow to keep giving money to the owners of the land we occupy. If you aren’t at a minimum finding out who is the true owner of your land and making steps to put money or the land back in their hands, what are you doing? Do you support native child? Do support native artist? Do you call out your friends for using the word “tribe” or wearing ceremonial attire as casual or festival gear? Are you actively decolonizing your space? #landback #indigenouspeoplesmovement ... See MoreSee Less
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