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Sex Workers Outreach Project USA

Welcome to the new and improved SWOP-USA website! We’re going through many changes as an organization and a digital overhaul is part of that. You’ll find an entirely new resource section, our Chapter Hub site has moved here, and we’ll also be producing significantly more resource sheets in the coming months.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

For folks who asked- we’ve edited and added Instagram to the survey. So if Instagram has actively harmed you because of your experience in sex work, please fill out this (anonymous) survey!

Hey fam, we’re collecting data from current/former sex workers about how facebooks community standards discriminate and actively harm sex workers. Please fill out this brief survey And make your voice heard. How does Facebook hurt the sex work community?


I can't remember where I heard it, (and would LOVE if anyone knows), but at some point I heard someone say "Your body is not a before picture" and it's something I think about almost every single day.

Please, do your research before supporting the disastrous Operation Undeground Railroad! And, support SWOP Salt Lake City by following them and posting words of support for their bravery and commitment to the sex worker rights cause. https://twitter.com/swopslc/status/1288963210817597440

Hiya 👋🏾 please donate if you can and share widely; folks can send items to 919 W 34th St. PO Box 50312 Baltimore MD 2121 or email baltimore@swopusa.org to coordinate a pick-up!

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Calling all current and former sex workers who have been shut down, had posts removed, or even been banned by Facebook for being sex workers.

Please tell us your stories (anonymously!)

We need to start data collection about how social media policies are actively harming sex workers.


#sexworkerrightsarehumanrights #sexworkiswork

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Please remember, the #SexWork community wants #decriminalization of sex work, not #legalization of sex work

Under legal models, sex workers who can’t meet legal requirements are still criminalized and at risk of police brutality, social stigma, and general danger because they risk arrest by reporting crimes committed against them.

We support a full decriminalization model where no sex workers will risk punishment for being sex workers.

Language matters, because language drives policy changes. Decrim, not legalization!

(And yes, under #decrim, trafficking is still illegal)
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