Becoming a Community Partner

In the past, SWOP USA built Chapters in the major cities and surrounding areas (ex: SWOP Houston) named after National. Currently, SWOP USA wants to foster equitability with our future partnerships and no longer requires that your project or organizing group include “SWOP” in the title.

With the rejection of white supremacy comes a rejection of capitalism. It’s more important that your community trusts you and you have a name that can go with you as your projects or organizing develops.

What do Chapters do?

Public Education– give lectures at local community centers, develop and present training at conferences and social service agencies, and create and distribute resources to help educate the public and reduce individual and institutional violence against Sex Workers.

Awareness— hold space for public events on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Trans Day of Remembrance, and Sex Worker Rights Day; organize marches and protests, engage in media advocacy, and more to help raise awareness of issues of violence, stigma, and discrimination in Sex Worker communities. We recognize, as Black leaders, the need for rest. Holding space can be resting for holidays where we might retraumatize ourselves.

Advocacy— advocate on behalf of sex workers and against institutional policies, practices, and laws that increase violence and stigma against our communities. This includes but is not limited to anything that oppresses or marginalizes.

Empowerment and Leadership Development — if able, support the development of new leaders through retreats, training, and education on rights, community organizing, and intersectional social justice frameworks.

Peer Support— create peer-led programming to support sex workers.

Chapter Requirements

  • Agree with our Mission Statement

  • Follow our agreements.
  • Be ‘reachable’ as a chapter–keep up-to-date contact information

Once established – Recognition for the following 4 events:

  • March 3rd, International Sex Worker Rights Day
  • Your local LGBTQIA+ Pride Organization
  • Nov 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • December 17th, International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers.

This could mean a social media post, online, or public event.

Benefits of Being a Chapter

  • Nonprofit & activist training

  • Networking with other Collectives and our varied pool of community activists from across the country
  • Consent to use our EIN for funding opportunities
  • (If Available) Access to SWOP-USA’s funding opportunities
  • Utilize our database of toolkits designed to support your work
  • Consultation from SWOP staff for local, national, and international projects
  • No Fiscal Sponsorship Fee or Administrative Fee (5% for Grants over 5K)

Still interested ?

  1. Contact Staff for a Interview