Chapter Grievance Policy

Inclusivity & Diversity

As members of  SWOP, we are committed to on-going personal growth and education, so that we can uphold, to the best of our abilities, the anti-racism and anti-oppression values held by SWOP-USA. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, and we strive to create a place where everyone can share and contribute without fear of judgement.

To help ensure that everyone has a fair chance to be heard at our meetings, we adhere to a particular set of ground rules and guidelines. For a copy of this chapter’s Governance structure, please contact your Chapter leaders or this Chapter’s Liaison. SWOP-USA is committed to ensure that our meetings are accessible to all. If getting to or participating in meetings presents a challenge for a new member, we encourage you to inform us of potential barriers so we can work together and try to find a workable solution.

Grievance Policy

We understand that sometimes there are disagreements or misunderstandings that can come up in community and activist groups. If you are encountering a conflict in your SWOP Chapters, we suggest that you follow the following:

1.) Refer to the ground rules & guidelines

Sometimes problems can be addressed by pointing out which ground rule or guideline they are violating. For this reason, having a copy of these values at each meeting can be helpful at resolving conflict. For a copy of your chapter’s governance structure, please contact your chapter leaders or the Chapter’s Liaison.

2.) Make your concern known

If you are encountering a conflict with an individual, make sure your concern is known to the people who are involved in that conflict. This is usually best done outside of a meeting, where people won’t feel “put on the spot.” However, sometimes issues need to be addressed as they happen. Try to resolve the issue in a peaceful way, bearing in mind that “nobody is trying to be a jerk.” If resolution cannot be reached, proceed to step 3.

3.) Contact SWOP-USA

If you would like outside mediation for a problem within your Chapter, please use this grievance form.  You may also contact our chapter coordinator:

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