What brings you to work at SWOP-USA?

I’ve been a sex worker for over a decade, and have been organizing for decriminalization for many years. It just makes sense to officially join an organization doing work I have admired for so long.

What are you most excited about?

I love and crave being in space with other sex workers and organizers — it’s where I feel most at ease. I’m also looking forward to being in a professional setting that is actively addressing systems of violence and working for the most oppressed. This work gives me purpose.

What do you think the biggest areas of growth for the organization are?

Rekindling its relationship with the sex working community.

Which of your talents or skills are you most looking forward to utilizing at SWOP?

I have years of organizing as well as non-profit management experience. I think SWOP is a dynamic place that will allow me to showcase both my grassroots and institutional skills.

What are three influential books in your life or work?

“The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State” by Friedrich Engels
“Sister Outsider” by Audre Lorde
“The Black Femnist Thought” by Patricia Hill Collins

What are you listening to (music, podcasts, etc.) or watching (TV, movies, etc.) right now?

Podcasts — How Stuff Works: two mediocre yt guys talking about everything. It’s entertaining.
TV — I just started watching The Office for the first time. It’s annoying but makes good background noise.
Movies — I’m about to rewatch Clueless because Paul Rudd is my favorite white man

What does downtime, rejuvenation, self/community-care look for you?

Knitting, cuddling my cats, journaling, making mimosas and watching House Hunters.

Any favorite gifs or memes you want to share?