What brings you to work at SWOP-USA

As silly as it sounds? A desire to make the world a better place. The sex worker rights movement hasn’t always been inclusive to non cis folks, non white folks, and other multiply marginalized sex workers. This is the time to move forward with the movement and focus on inclusivity. I want sex workers from a diverse range of backgrounds to feel accepted and welcomed into sex worker rights activism. My goal is help push SWOP into an org that will give sex workers a feeling of safety and security.

What are you most excited about?

The growth of SWOP. There have been some issues around SWOP in the past but I feel like this is the time for SWOP to really evolve and move forward as an intersectional, racially and gender diverse org. This is an exciting moment for the sex worker rights movement in general, and I want to see SWOP helping to lead the movement forward for all of us This is great time for leftist politics and sex workers must be at the forefront of it.

What do you think the biggest areas of growth for the organization are?

I would love to see SWOP take a more active role in politics and policy creation. We have a unique position and can use our platform to help influence the laws and policies that impact us directly. I would also love to see more coalition building with other social justice based orgs. As we all know, sex workers are a diverse group of people and many are multiply marginalized. This creates an opportunity for sex workers voices to become more prominent in labor movements, disability rights advocacy, lgtbq rights advocacy, and discussions around anti racism work.

Which of your talents or skills are you most looking forward to utilizing at SWOP?

I am excited about expanding the SWOP podcast. I think social media and podcasts have provided us with a great opportunity to get our message out, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. This is way to explain sex workers rights, explain bad laws and policies, and educate the general public about our fight. Can’t wait to coalition build with allies.

Where do you hope to see SWOP in 2 years?

I want SWOP to be known as the top tier in sex work organizing. We have the 501C3 and the credentials already, but now we have a unique opportunity to really push for transformative justice and racial and gender equality. I want SWOP to be an inspiration to others who want to get involved with activism, and I want SWOP to be an example of what it looks like when an org takes its mission statement seriously. We are putting our beliefs into practice, and I want us to be known for that.

What are three influential books in your life or work?

“How we Get Free” – Keeanga-Yamahtta
“Are prisons obsolete?”- Angela Davis

What are you listening to (music, podcasts, etc.) or watching (TV, movies, etc.) right now?

Currently revisiting The Coup’s entire discography. We got the guillotines!

What does downtime, rejuvenation, self/community-care look for you?

Self care is crocheting and drinking tea. Or playing with my cats. Or hanging out in my garden.

Any favorite gifs or memes you want to share?
no gifs, but I always want to share pics of my cats!