We are thrilled to have made our first round full scholarship selections to current and former sex workers to attend the Justice & Change: A Sex Worker Institute and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit on August 15th in Alexandria, VA. We are super excited about the folks that we’ve been able to support coming to the event, but we are still very short of our overall fundraising goal in order to bring more sex workers across the industry into this space to develop vital social justice organizing skills. We are at less than half of our goal to fund directly impacted sex workers in attending, please consider donating anything you can so that we can make this institute more accessible. Literally every dollar counts!

Donating to the scholarship fund will directly support those most impacted by criminalization and stigma in attending this institute and sharing in community and shaping the sex workers rights movement for years to come. Sex workers, specifically those at the intersections of multiple oppressions, must lead our movement and events such as this are designed to better equip our movement in the push forward.

This institute will in-part focus on agitating for the decriminalization of sex work, however we also believe in a world beyond decriminalization, that includes economic and racial justice, and the dismantling of the prison industrial complex. This lens of beyond decriminalization will be central to the mission and content of the institute.

Workshops currently include:
-Federalism, Policy, and Administrative Law
-How a Bill Becomes a Law
-Organizing Across Difference and Owning Privilege in Organizing
-Facilitation: How to Talk to Each Other
-Fundraising 102
-Outward Facing Presence: Using Social Media & Media training
-How to Build Coalitions
-Beyond Decriminalization: Decarceration, Labor Regulations & Rights, and Racial & Economic Justice

Donate Here

All current and former sex workers are invited to attend the institute and you can register for it here