Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is looking to expand it’s Board of Directors!

SWOP-USA is growing, and we are looking to add dedicated and passionate individuals to our team, to help strengthen our human rights network. If you are interested in helping to solidify a national infrastructure of activists and amplifying the voices of sex workers in America, this may be a great position for you.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. More information can be found at

Deadline for Application – Monday, July 2nd

Apply Here

Board of Directors Expectations
As a board member, you would be asked to:

  • Participate in a full Board conference call once per month.
  • Participate in two SWOP Board Committees, which currently include Communications, Chapter Relations, Finance, Grants, Advocacy, Executive, and Nominating. Committees tend to have a call once per month, and are expected to bottomline specific goals they can share with the larger group.
  • Contribute personal expertise and insight to round out the collective skills and abilities of the Board. We are presently particularly interested in individuals with legal, fundraising, development, and technical communications capabilities, but will consider and welcome all skills sets.
  • Join a vision and planning retreat in October 2018 to help set goals for the new year.

All participation is on a volunteer basis. Need-based funding for travel and lodging is available for board retreats, meetings, and some conferences. Income should not serve as a deterrent for participating in SWOP leadership.

Expected time commitment: 5/hrs per week. This will vary depending on what Committees you are one and what projects are being undertaken. Busy seasons around national response projects and sex worker holidays may demand more time.

Board members must be aligned with the basic values of SWOP-USA as an anti-violence grassroots organization. Applicants should possess the following values:

1) A commitment to social justice, including the desire to support SWOP in becoming an organization that serves the most marginalized individuals of our sex worker communities, focusing not just on decriminalization, but on intersectional issues in the sex trade face and the implementation of an AR/AO (Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression) framework.

This is demonstrated by:

  • Willingness to support and self-educate around anti-oppression and related issues such as reproductive justice, intersectionality, immigration, economic justice, civil rights, and LGBTQI rights; and
  • A dedication to identifying and implementing strategies that encourage the participation of and transfer decision-making power and leadership to the most impacted members of our community.

2) A commitment to decriminalization of sex work in all forms.

3) A commitment to supporting our allies and working with them to reform the broader policing and criminalization of our communities, including people of color, immigrants and migrant workers, transgender and gender variant peoples, drug users, indigenous peoples, and people under economic duress or crisis.

4) A working relationship or knowledge of the sex industry (aka the adult or erotic industry, or sex trade), and the culture of sex work, as well as an understanding that not all people in the industry identify as “sex workers”, for many reasons associated with stigma, personal experience, and the law.

5) An understanding of the contemporary landscape surrounding the sex worker rights movement, politically and culturally.