We are so thrilled that sex workers have been asked to be included in the planning process for the Women’s March in Las Vegas on January 21st.

Not only have sex workers been involved in the preliminary event coordination, but representatives from SWOP-USA and Desiree Alliance will be speaking during the rally.

Last year, sex workers protested the National Women’s March after a sex worker-affirmative statement was removed from the national press release. The removal of this important statement was brought to the attention of trans* writer and activist Janet Mock – who made sure it was put back in it’s proper place.

One cannot have a revolution without FULL inclusion. Unfair laws, biases, stigma, and hate impact the lives, health, and wellness of those inside as well as outside of the sex industry. It is time women from all walks of life turn towards each other instead of away from one another. We are hopeful that this years Women’s March is the beginning of a brighter, more inclusive future together