Link to Canada Sex Work Research Summaries Here

Year: 2007-Present
Title: Gender & Sexual Health Initiative: Research Summaries
Authors: Gender & Sexual Health Initiative [GSHI]

Do you like SWOP-USA’s research summaries?

They were inspired by, and their structure is loosely based on research summaries created by the Gender & Sexual Health Initiative of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS [GSHI]. As “part of [their] commitment to knowledge translation and exchange, [they] have created community summaries and policy briefs to plainly explain the background, research question, methods, results and implications of our studies and publications.”

The site linked above contains over 50 research summaries, dating back to 2007, on topics ranging from violence against sex workers, health needs, gentrification and sex work, and the needs and experiences of specific subgroups of sex workers (e.g. trans, migrant, street-based, young, drug-using, and cisgender women sex workers). While most of the summaries are based on Canadian sex work, there are also global research summaries, and the Canadian data has much relevance here in the U.S. too. The site also contains short policy briefs.