This a dark time for the Sex Workers Outreach Project board and staff, our chapters, and our communities. Our communities comprised of sex workers, people of color, immigrants, trans* men and women, single parents, people living with disabilities, and allies are feeling threatened, angry, and frightened. The present and immediate future will be hard, and the limited protections we had come to take for granted, as something to fight beyond, are now themselves in jeopardy. Members of our community relying on disability and public benefits, sanctuary cities, access to contraception, hormones, HIV and Hepatitis C treatment and medicare, and protections against discrimination are now in jeopardy.

This is a time to for us to work together and to support one another. We encourage you all to reach out to us and let know how we can best support you. We are here for you–please don’t hesitate to get in contact if there are any ways we can support your work, whether amplifying events or actions, helping to strategize, or simply providing emotional support.

This is also a time to fight harder than ever and to begin building and strengthening allyships and relationships that we will need in the days and years to come.  As we learned last week, we need to extend our work beyond our community if we are going to protect the safety and future of that community and the communities of color, drug users, immigrants, and LGBTQ folks that intersect. At this time, we call on our allies to extend our work and message beyond the spaces that many of us can comfortably and safely access.

As a silver lining to this darkness, the failure of the PROP 60 ballot initiative in California has reminded us of the power of our community–that when sex workers come together and work together, when we talk to and advocate beyond our communities, we can win.

Now, more than ever, we’re with you.

The Sex Workers Outreach Project Board