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November 3, 2016

Secretary Padilla,

The below signed organizations, join the numerous other HIV/AIDS, LGBT, and civil rights organizations as well as the CA Democratic Party, CA Republican Party, and CA Libertarian Party, as well as numerous local political clubs in their opposition to Proposition 60 – “The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,” as it is an attack on the autonomy, privacy, and safety of those that work in the adult film industry.

Under the misleading guise of “Safer Sex”, the act contains alarming clauses that will likely lead to the harassment of performers and the criminalization the industry as a whole. Prop. 60 incentivizes the general public to file lawsuits against workers in the adult entertainment industry that supersede  the California Board of Occupational Health and Safety, if a condom is not visible in every frame.

There is no exemption for injured workers, and plaintiffs will be rewarded with 25% of any fines imposed, in addition to legal fees if the court rules in their favor.

This form of vigilantism is disturbing, to say the least. Additionally, if passed, this act would present an enormous burden on taxpayers and California state regulators, costing millions of dollars to enforce.

Finally, we fear that the passage of Proposition 60 will continue to drive an already stigmatized and marginalized workforce underground, or out of state, threatening workplace and personal safety of adult film performers and other workers.

The proponent and sole funders of this initiative, the controversial Michael Weinstein and his organization AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), have continually disrespected the input and needs of performers, refusing to meet with them and ignoring their attempts to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Efforts to produce safety regulations specifically for the adult film industry must be drafted with the input of performers. The lives and livelihoods of a marginalized workforce should not be in the hands of vigilantes, but rather drafted in collaboration with public health experts, regulatory agencies, and true industry stakeholders.  

We urge all Californians to vote NO on Proposition 60 and to work toward legislation and regulation that centralizes and values the worker’s voices.




Abeni – Meg Munoz, Founder

CoyoteRI (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics)  – Bella Robinson, Executive Director

Clients of Sex Workers Allied for Change (CoSWAC), Desmond Ravenstone

Desiree Alliance – Cris Sardinia, Executive Director

HIPS – Cyndee Clay, Executive Director

Red Light Legal – Kristina Dolgin, Founder

Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center – Kate D’Adamo, Policy Advocate

SWOP-USA – Savannah Sly, Board President

SWOP Behind Bars – Katherine Koster, Co-Director

SWOP Boston

SWOP Dallas – Lindsay Morgan

SWOP Minneapolis – Andi Seymour

SWOP Las Vegas – Sammee Matthews & Julia Sands, Directors

SWOP Los Angeles

SWOP Sacramento – Kristen DiAngelo, Executive Director

SWOP San Antonio – Ms. Sassy Sherry, President

SWOP Orlando – Alex Andrews, Founder

SWOP Tampa Bay – Jill McCracken, Founder

SWOP Tucson

SWOP Seattle – Sola Love, Organizer