Pride Organizing Toolkit!

We are so thrilled to share our brand new Good Samaritan Expansion Toolkit with you!!

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This toolkit was created to help advocates, grassroots organizations, and sex work and drug user harm reduction coalitions expand protection provided by Overdose Good Samaritan laws to better serve sex workers.

The toolkit begins by documenting the importance of including sex-work related criminal statutes in laws offering protection to those seeking medical help in the case of an overdose. It also contains sample bills, template letters, stories and facts about overdose, Good Samaritan protections, and the intersection of sex work and drug use that you can use in your advocacy.

The  bulk of this toolkit consists of strategic guidance on legislative advocacy, from how to build coalitions and important organizations to build relationships with to how to effectively engage legislators and the media. While specific to Good Samaritan laws, this toolkit offers valuable tips and strategies for any grassroots activist.
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Pride Organizing Toolkit!

‘Wednesday June 29th – 2PM EST | Registration Form

Significant overlap exists between sex work and drug user issues and communities. A 2013 Denver study of street-based cis-female sex workers found 67% of participants had traded sex for drugs at some point in their lives.  Syringe exchange data from the same city that year found that 14% of clients self-reported trading sex for drugs, and we imagine the number is actually much higher than this.


This webinar will outline the similarities between the social-political response to drug use and sex work and public health pathways that have emerged for people who use drugs that can also be leveraged for people in the sex trade.  Time will also be spent discussing potential partnerships between sex worker and drug user rights activists, and creating action steps that participants can take back to their jurisdictions. Good Samaritan protections, criminal justice reform, and other opportunities for partnership will be highlighted.


‘Cause Sex & Drugs Goes Good Together!