SWOP-USA would like to publicly apologize to organizer and activist Monica Jones. At a recent SWOP chapter event Monica was subjected to numerous instances of racism and transphobia. While members of the chapter did attempt to mediate during and after the fact, this was not handled in a restorative or accountable manner. While our chapters are largely independent, we accept responsibility for the manner in which Monica was treated, and will strive in the future to better educate and support our chapters around dismantling privilege and combating oppression.


Allyship, inclusivity, and accessibility must be actively worked towards; they cannot exist as self-nominated titles alone. In the coming year SWOP-USA will seek further training for the board of directors in anti-oppression, anti-racism, trans*justice, and inclusivity. We will also be rolling out new tools and resources for our chapters to assist them in this work.


Monica Jones, we are deeply sorry for the experiences that you had and we thank you for discussing this with us.


-The SWOP-USA Board