On February 18 2016, adult film performers successfully rallied to defeat new regulations being considered by the California Occupational Health and Safety Standards board [OHSA]. Mandatory condom, glove and goggle use, reductions to industry HIV/STI testing frequency, and expansion of medical record-keeping requirements for producers and studios were among the changes the failed proposal would have introduced.

Around 100 performers attended the Oakland, California OHSA meeting to voice opposition. The performers provided over five hours of testimony to OHSA staff and board members, repeatedly stressing the importance of including performers in all stages of regulatory creation as the group ultimately impacted by regulations governing sexual practices in adult film and private medical records. The successful mobilization was organized by and supported through travel assistance from the Free Speech Coalition.

SWOP-USA applauds the successful mobilization of adult film performers against regulations which were about them but developed without them. We strongly believe that all sex workers have a right to participate at all stages of regulatory processes that directly impact them, and we believe sex workers must be the final decision-makers on regulations that affect their work and private lives.  

SWOP-USA also stresses the need for continued mobilization and vigilance: the American Healthcare Foundation [AHF] has expressed that they will refile proposals with OHSA and continue to pursue greater oversight and regulation of the adult film industry.

In particular, we join FSC and APAC-USA in stressing the need to rally against the misleadingly named “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,” which will appear on the 2016 California ballot this November. Introduced by the AHF, the ballot measure would mandate condom use in all porn, expand record-keeping requirements and filing fees for producers, and create a substantial financial incentive for California residents to sue producers for violations. These changes would effectively decimate self-made and independent adult video producers and leave adult film actors who produce their own films vulnerable to stalking and harassment.

SWOP congratulates adult film performers for their victory in successfully mobilizing and defeating the contested regulations. We will continue to support adult performers as they advocate for their bodily autonomy.


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