Four Things to Do to Help Pass HB 1614

  1. Email the members of the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee  and urge them to support HB 1614. A template email and all the members’ emails are found in the SWOP-USA Advocacy Google Drive.


  • Email Representative J.R. Hoell and ask him to withdraw the HB 1613, the “end demand” bill. Conversely, Rep. Hoell’s bill seeks to implement an “end demand” or Swedish Model policy in New Hampshire. The law would criminalize clients. Studies have shown that end demand policies are not successful at helping trafficking victims (a primary rationale for their introduction) and actually can lead to more violence. Again, a template email is found in the SWOP-USA Advocacy Google Drive. 
  • Alert your local press. Though this bill is based in New Hampshire, the successful passage of HB 1614 could help establish a roadmap for prostitution decriminalization nationwide. Alerting your local press (especially alternative weeklies) and asking them to cover the bill and its story will help the bill gain traction. 
  • Spread the word and ask your friends to support HB 1614 too! Tell your friends, your family your neighbors, your aunt, your Twitter followers, and your Facebook frienemies to write in and support the passage of HB 1614 today! Share the toolkit link with them as well!



Click here to watch the HB 1614 press conference, featuring commentary by members of COYOTE Rhode Island and the US Prostitutes Collective.

Click to watch the HB 1614 press conference, featuring members of COYOTE Rhode Island & US Prostitutes Collective, who give compelling and thorough explanations as to why this bill should be supported.