There have been a lot of bad dates reports from service providers (including vanilla massage therapists, sensual massage providers, BDSM providers,  and escorts) who advertise online recently. Many of these have involved non-cash payments, fake references, and last minute long-duration out-calls to fairly remote areas. In light of this, we encourage people to:

1.) Be very very cautious of non-cash payments: These can all be contested or cancelled after you leave. Bank transfers are especially risky, as giving your personal bank information to someone gives that person a lot of information about you.

2.) Avoid relying on references alone and or googling the references provided.

3.) Be very very cautious of last-minute requests for longer out-calls appointments with new clients that involve:

-extravagant offers to pay beyond your typical rates.

-traveling outside the area your advertising says you work in, especially to areas where you rarely receive inquiries.

-traveling a significant distance, especially from areas where most people rely on public transit to areas that are hard to reach via public transportation.

-specific requests to take a taxi or train rather than using your driver, a zip-car, or your own car.

-traveling to remote or suburban locations,  including remote hotels.

These are all also things that make it a lot harder to leave if things feel wrong or go bad — It can be really hard to walk away after you’ve already invested $60 in gas and 4 hours of your life to going to his place. And going somewhere remote without a car can make it hard to get help from someone else or flag a cab if you are in danger.

Please contact us at 877-776-2004 (x. 1) if you have any questions or have had a bad date and would like support. You can also email us at

If anything bad has happened to you, it is not your fault, it is the bad date’s fault.

*What never causes bad dates: Your actions or decisions.

*What always causes bad dates: Bad Dates


You shouldn’t have to ultra-vet prospective clients to avoid harm, and we wish there was no need to share this. But these are some things sex workers who advertise online have found useful:

  • Googling the name, email, and/or phone number of the person who contacted you.
  • Googling the name, email, and/or phone number of the person who contacted you with the terms “national blacklist” or “escort.”
  • Asking the client for their work information and googling their work information.
  • Reading up on Outcall Safety
  • Reading up on Screening 101
  • Trusting yourself and your gut.