Sharing a call for submissions for Working It! – an art-activism quarterly edited by SWOP PDX member, Red!
Working It – Winter 2015 Call for Submissions 
***Especially especially looking for submissions by workers of color and trans worker.***
  • THEME: Stigma and Violence: Violence enshrined in law, socially sanctioned violence, the violence of stigma, including the extralegal (but winked at) violence of serial killers, families, foster care and social workers as well as the prison system against us.
      • Firsthand personal accounts and stories
      • Writings about legally sanctioned violence (from Law Enforcement to Structural/Institutional Violence)
      • Critical takes on how violence against sex workers is talked about.


      • Art
      • Client/customer hall of shame
      • Go to Health: stis, sexual and emotional health
      • Tales from the shift (your best, worst, or funniest interactions at work)
      • Spread legal–new laws, laws in other areas, upcoming laws and pushes for end demand
      • Pets and money are always cheering!
      • Sex worker friendly medical and health providers anywhere that you know of