Former sex worker founder of the San Antonio Chapter of Sex Workers Out Reach Project featured on FOX News


SAN ANTONIO — Sex Workers Out Reach Project or SWOP started in California and local chapters are popping up throughout the country, including San Antonio.

“So they have somewhere to go, someone to come to that understands their dilemma,” said Sherry, founder of the San Antonio Chapter of SWOP.

Sherry says she had been a sex worker for 35 years. “I felt like an outcast because of the stigma association with a sex worker.” She says she’s dedicated to helping sex workers, often referred to as prostitutes. 

“The majority are leaning towards the politically correct term, sex workers,” added Sherry.

Sherry went on to say SWOP is committed to the justice and human rights of sex workers and would like to see it decriminalized. 

“For centuries, there’s been a stigma attached and we’re trying to climb out of that right now because we’re not bad people,” Sherry went on to say.

Sherry says SWOP offers support if a worker needs a way to exit the industry, an industry that’s still very much illegal.

San Antonio Police are continuing to crack down on prostitution, including finding new ways to do so.

If you’d like more information about the San Antonio Chapter of SWOP CLICK HERE!