International Sex Worker Rights Day prompted activism across the country and world on and during the week of March 3rd.

SWOP-Seattle organized a high impact demonstration and lobbying day and released a review of legislation impacting sex workers. According to the chapter site:

On International Sex Worker Rights Day, supporters from SWOP-Seattle amassed at the State House in Olympia to make the voices and concerns of sex workers known. Our goal today was to connect with Senators and Representatives who are either directly working on End Demand bills, or who we felt would be receptive to hearing our opinions as a community.

Overall, today was a very empowering Sex Worker Rights Day! We made new connections with policymakers, and we got coverage from King 5 News and KOMO News, sharing with the broader public why we we are taking action against End Demand. We want to thank everyone who came out to support us, from the sex workers who took the risk to show their faces and speak out, to the friends, family members, and human rights activists who support our cause. Thank you!

SWOP-Chicago organized the first ever sex worker art exhibition in the Midwest. You can read more about the show on Chicago’s indie paper, The Reader.

 SWOP-New Orleans hosted a very sucessful Craw Fish Broil and clothing SWAP.  And SWOP-Las Vegas and other chapters organized gatherings, picnics, and campaign launches.


Learn more about the history of International Day to End Violence against sex workers, and activism around the world, on the Global Network of Sex Worker Projects‘ website.