SWOP-USA seeks to ensure that any and all research conducted WITH (not ON) sex worker populations that we help circulate is ethical, prioritizes the well-being of sex workers, and is done with the improvement and betterment of the sex work community in mind.

Ethical research guidelines can be viewed here.

If you would like SWOP-USA to consider circulating your research study, please read through the following criteria before contacting us:

  1. Research conducted by current and former sex workers will be prioritized to highlight the voices of our community
  2. Research that pays/compensates participants for their time, input, and expertise will be prioritized
  3. If research is not conducted by a current or former sex worker, research that is conducted in collaboration with sex workers and/or sex workers rights organizations will be prioritized
  4. Anonymity and/or confidentiality of sex workers is prioritized
  5. Research studies will be circulated only if they include questions which do not perpetuate stigma, stereotypes, or exacerbate minority stress of sex work
  6. Even if research obtains IRB approval, this does not guarantee approval by SWOP-USA, as sex work research requires additional vetting by the community that it impacts the most

If you would like SWOP-USA’s assistance in circulating your study, you may submit study details including any IRB approval documents, survey links, research questions, etc. to the chair us at info@swopusa.org or support@swopusa.org